The workbook preparing you to succeed in opening a restaurant.

How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence by Frank Stocco, Restaurant Designer

Book description: As a first- or second-time food service entrepreneur, be sure to find out the “first things first”—gain the expertise needed to open a restaurant by taking the right steps early on. This manual is designed like a workbook to engage you to properly prepare to open your restaurant within a required and realistic preoperative budget, starting with defining your concept and vision.

The goal is to save you literally thousands of dollars and even help you gain a financial advantage right at the start by using this chronological comprehensive guide.

There are 13 instructional chapters and each one is a true workbook style manual with space for notes and vital information. Order this book, then do your homework and experience success.

Read some of the excerpts at (the April 10, 2015 post) and

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